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Mourning After - Deleted Scene

According to Cy Voris, this scene was cut strictly for time reasons.

The next afternoon, Barry Ceniza walks into a diner carrying a briefcase.  He glances around, looking for someone, and then spots Ezekiel, sitting at a booth with his back to the door.  “Detective,” he says, getting his attention.

“Oh, hey,” Stone replies, offering his hand.  Barry shakes it before sitting across from him.  “Thanks for coming.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it.  Potential customer.”  He opens up the briefcase and removes some files.  “I’ve got some of our most recent listings here.  A lot of nice places, some of them are in that area where we met.  Take a look at this craftsman right here.  Newly renovated, in your price range.”  He hands a paper across the table.

Stone glances it over.  “Looks nice.”

“It’s ten minutes away.  If you want to take a look at it, it’s not a problem.  Now this one here…”

Stone has something else on his mind.  “How’s…”  he interrupts, “Sorry.”  Barry waits for him to continue.  “How’s…” Stone tries again, fumbling as to not appear over interested.  “What’s her name… Mrs. Stone?”

“Rosalyn,” Barry supplies.

“Rosalyn,” Stone repeats.

“Oh yeah, Rosalyn’s great.  Wish you could have stayed last night.”


“You know Rosalyn, she just loves that cop talk, you know.”

“Oh, yeah, ex-husband,” Stone says.  He smiles as he sips his coffee.

“Right, right, late husband, actually,” Barry says.  Stone’s face goes blank again and he puts the cup down.  “This is beautiful,” Barry begins, trying to turn the conversation back to real estate.

“You hungry, you want something to eat?” Stone wonders.

Barry looks uncomfortable at the question.  “Uh, coffee,” he says.

Stone flags down a passing waitress.  “Could you get him some coffee, please?”  There is silence, and Stone studies the house listing for a moment before asking, “So, uh, is it strange?”

“What’s that?”

“With the dead husband?”  Barry looks blank for a moment, and his eyes shift across the table.  The waitress returns and pours him a cup of coffee.  Stone gives in to the quiet, and speaks, “I’m sorry, none of my business.”

“No, no, it’s okay.”  Barry leans forward to talk with him, and when he continues, his tone is bright and his gestures animated.  “It’s funny, you know, I’ve never talked about this to another person before.  But I think she still has something for him.”

“Really?” Stone says calmly, taking a controlled sip of his coffee.

“Well, at least for his memory.  It’s frustrating, because Rosalyn and I have this… we really fit well together, you know?”


“When you and your wife first… um, how am I going to say this?”  Rather then seeming uncomfortable, Barry is grinning, as if he was enjoying himself.  “When you were dating, before you were married… how long did it take before you actually slept together?”

Stone takes a minute to comprehend.  “You and Roz haven’t slept together?”

“No.  It’s like going up against a legend.  Even though she doesn’t talk about him that much, I can tell she’s still thinking about him.”

“Well…  do you love her?” Stone asks.

“Yeah… yeah… I love her.”

Stone takes a long moment to drink from his coffee.  “Give it time,” he says finally.

A pager beeps.  It’s Barry’s.  “Damn.  I’m gonna have to go.  Hey, how’d you like to come over for dinner, me, you, and Roz, later this week.”

“No, no, thanks.” Stone says immediately.

“Okay,” Barry says, looking a little hurt at the quick rejection.

Stone realizes he might have been rude.  “You know, I’d like to, but it’s just a real busy week.  A lot of paperwork down at the precinct.”

“Division,” Barry corrects.

“Right.  Some other time.”

“I look forward to it.  Take a look at those things,” Barry tells him, standing and grabbing his briefcase.  He and Stone exchange a firm handshake as he leaves.

“I will.  I’ll call you.”

“Take care of yourself.”

“You, too,” Stone says.  Alone again, he sighs, not yet realizing just how complicated things are in this love triangle.

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