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Brimstone F.A.Q.
What is Brimstone?

From the FOX press kit -

Even the best maximum-security penitentiary sustains an occasional escape. It happened on Devil's Island. . . it happened on Alcatraz. . . and now, it's happened in Hell. Peter Horton stars as the only man who can banish scores of damned souls roaming the earth in the gritty thriller BRIMSTONE.

Fifteen years ago, conscientious New York cop Ezekiel Stone (Horton-thirtysomething) avenged the rape of his wife by killing her attacker in cold blood. After his own death in the line of duty, Stone went to Hell for his transgression-until a mass jailbreak unleashed 113 of the most vile creatures ever to walk the planet, all possessing newfound supernatural powers. Now, the Devil promises the good-hearted Stone heavenly redemption in exchange for his bounty-hunting skills. And Stone sets out to fulfill his diabolical mission.

Though the Devil can't be beat, even he answers to a higher power. If Stone fails to round up the errant minions, there's Hell to pay in the underworld, and the price is eternal fire and BRIMSTONE.

Brimstone aired from October 1998 to February 1999 on FOX, in a 8pm Friday night timeslot.

So Ezekiel Stone is a good guy?

That depends on what you mean by good.  (And what the definition of ‘is’ is.)  Zeke Stone is a conflicted guy.  As a cop, he planted evidence, roughed up a few criminals, and of course murdered a man in cold blood.  When he comes face to face with one (or two or three) of the damned souls each week, he is definitely the good guy in the equation.  But he still works for the Devil.

Will the Devil keep his end of the bargain?

If everyone knew how things ended, there would be no need for the Brimstone Virtual Seasons.  Keep reading to find out. (4/04 - If you've read all the episodes, you know the answer to this question.)

Are there any plans to bring Brimstone to DVD?

It’s possible.  A great place to start is
TV Shows on DVD. You can register for FREE and recommend Brimstone as a show you’d like to see on DVD.  This site has partnered with the group responsible for bringing to DVD the 17 episodes of My So Called Life, another short lived but much loved show.

How are your stories different than other fan fiction?

Glad you asked.  There is a lot of Brimstone fiction out there that is slash… our series is aimed at a family audience.  Strictly PG-13 stuff.  More importantly, the Virtual Seasons offers continuity.  You’ll meet new characters, and see them evolve over the course of a Virtual Season.

Are these episodes what would have happened if Brimstone hadn’t been canceled?

We like to think so… but we like to think of lots of things, usually involving Lori Petty and a deserted island.  There’s no telling what direction the producers would have taken things.

I heard about another Brimstone VS… are you affiliated with them?

This site has links to several other visions of how Zeke’s mission might have turned out.  They do not cross over in any way.  The best is Greg Lemieux’s
Unofficial Brimstone Finale Website.  Greg wrote synopses for 54 episodes of Brimstone, taking the reader from the last TV episode to the return of the final damned soul.  Even after all that, there were still stories that he wanted to tell, and he’s penned several scripts for this series.

I have a story I'd like to write-

Great!  Contact us.  We're happy to post general Brimstone stories, or if you'd like to fit it into the Virtual Seasons, we can try and find a way.

Have the Brimstone Virtual Seasons won any awards?
At the first annual PVT Awards, Brimstone took home the award for Best Season Finale, '
The Shatterer of Worlds', by Derek Saul.  For the complete list of winners, click here. (4/04 - PVT has folded, and taken their awards page with them.  But we really did win)

Are you making money off of this series?

Sadly, no.  Like all forms of fan fiction, we do this because of our love for characters that someone else created.  Anyone interested in buying the rights to this series should contact Warner Brothers.  However, we do pay rent on this site, and will accept donations of $3-$5 to help defray that cost.  You can send them via PayPal, to joel@brimstonevs.com.