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Peter Horton
Ezekiel Stone (1945-1983,1998-)
The most decorated and highly respected police officer in Manhattan South, he and his wife Rosalyn were married in 1980. In April of 1983, Rosalyn was raped by a serial rapist named Gilbert Jax. Jax was caught, but released when Rosalyn decided she would not testify.   Stone hunted Jax down and murdered him, making it look like a drug overdose. Two months later, Stone  was shot five times in the face and neck by a petty thief. In the afterlife, Stone was judged and sentenced to Hell. In 1998, Stone returned to Earth as part of a deal with the Devil to hunt down and capture 113 escaped souls from Hell in exchange for a second chance at life.

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Born and raised in New York City, Alex (as her friends call her) is the sole daughter of an American soldier and a Vietnamese immigrant woman. She's currently studying Criminal Law at NYU, and has landed a job as the desk clerk at Hotel Mezzanine, where Stone currently makes his dwelling.  She and Stone have become good friends.  One day, while hiding a gift in his apartment, Alex overheard Stone and learned his true mission.

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Alexandra Gray (1971-)
The Morning Star, exalted angel of the second circle, Lucifer rousted up half of the heavenly host and waged war on God, ending in his banishment from Heaven. He became Satan and now presides over the torment of damned souls in the dominion of Hell. He is Stone's immediate employer, but more often proves to be an obstacle rather than an aide to Stone's mission, despite the fact that the consequences will be grave for both Stone and himself should the damned fail to be returned.

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Currie Graham
Detective William Kane (1965-)
Kane is one of the toughest and smartest cops in the NYPD today. In 1998, he and his partner came across Stone in a back alley one dark night ready to shoot a priest. Kane became obsessed with trying to figure out his identity. When he discovered that Stone was a dead New York cop, he assumed Stone had faked his own death. After his partner was killed and he witnessed a damned soul return to Hell, he realized that Stone actually was on a divine mission. Kane now frequently offers the brains and brawn of the law to help Stone on his cases.

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Daughter of Captain Enzo D'Amato, Stone's former commanding officer, Sophia followed in the steps of her father and became a police officer with the NYPD in 1991, soon rising to the rank of Detective in record time. She met Detective Kane in 1997, and had a brief but intense relationship with him. She was introduced into the world of Ezekiel Stone while investigating the death of her father at the hands of an escaped soul.  Eventually, she came to believe in Stone's mission, and has assisted him in dispatching the damned.  Now caught up in the supernatural world, Sophia broke things off with her fiancť and reunited with Detective Kane. 

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Detective Sophia D'Amato (1969-)
Stacy Haiduk
Rosalyn Stone Copper (1953-)
Rosalyn Stone, Ezekielís widow, moved to Los Angels after his death.  In 1999, still carrying a torch for him after 16 years, she felt his presence and began to search for him.  Finding him alive was a shock, but not as much as seeing him with another woman.  Convinced that Zeke never loved her, Rosalyn married Dan Copper, one of her fellow elementary school teachers.  Ezekiel respected her choice and kept his distance, but when a plot threatened her life, he revealed himself to her.  In August 2000, Rosalyn gave birth to a daughter, named for her second late husband.

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John Glover
The Devil
This is a list of the main characters for the current episodes of the Brimstone Virtual Series.  If you havenít read all of the episodes and plan to do so, consider this your SPOILER WARNING.  For a complete list of characters past and present with their full biographies, follow the link below.