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of the most vile
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Marcus Atom (1912-1945)
From ‘The Shatterer of Worlds’:

I was a scientist.  One of the hundreds in Los Alamos, working on the Manhattan Project.  We toiled and slaved, day in and day out... working to build a bomb that could kill scores and scores of people.  The bigger and more destructive the bomb, the better. They wanted to end the war, but they wanted to do it by proving a point -- that those with the ultimate power have control. 

But near the end, I started having my doubts.  My nightmares kept me awake at night... clear and vivid. Then, at the Trinity field test, I saw the vision of my nightmares come to life.  It was beautiful... and inconceivably horrible. 

I couldn't let the government go through with this.  I pleaded with the project directors -- Oppenheimer, Groves -- trying to reach the top brass, even the President if I had to, to try and alter their course of action. But we all know it was a futile gesture.  I knew what they were going to do with the bomb.

They'd already bombed Hiroshima.  I'd managed to make it to Nagasaki on the morning of the 9th.  I did all I could to warn the people, but really, what can one man do in the face of inevitable doom?  At that point I loathed everyone and everything -- my government, my country... myself. 

I chose to share the fate of those I helped murder.  I took shelter inside St. Mary's Cathedral, along with hundreds of other Japanese Christians.  In those last moments, as we heard the bombers approaching in the sky, I prayed for forgiveness.  And then the wrath of God came from above.