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of the most vile
creatures escaped...
Ashur Badaktu (2037 BC- 2002 BC)
Status: Still escaped

I am Ashur Badaktu of the temple at Tyre. Priestess of Asherah, the Serpent Queen.

Tattoo location:
Right over Stone’s heart, just left of center.

In life, she he gave her daughter, Seri, a great honor by sacrificing her to her Gods. After being raped by the followers of Yahweh, she was murdered. In the afterlife, she was judged by Yahweh’s rules, and sent to Hell, a decision that she intends to force God to correct.

In 1998, Ashur Badaktu was the ringleader of the escape from hell. She took on the life of an LAPD detective named Delilah Ash. She first ran into Ezekiel Stone in Las Vegas, and had an instant attraction to him. They met again several times in Los Angeles, and although she dropped subtle hints, he failed to realize that she was a damned soul. Their mutual attraction blossomed into a heavy make out session in her car, but when his tattoos were revealed, she comprehended his job. Shortly after, she revealed her true nature to him, and he was so shocked that he could not send her back to Hell.

Ashur took the form of Barry Cenzia, a real estate agent, and formed a relationship with Rosalyn Stone, Ezekiel Stone‘s widow. When Roz tried to break it off, she revealed herself, and her motive of wanting to hurt Ezekiel.  Again, Stone could not send her back, unwilling to risk the life of his beloved Rosalyn.

Rebuffed a second time, Ash turned her attention to her war on God, and recruited several disgruntled Angels to her side.  She continued to pursue Ezekiel Stone, giving orders that his friends and family were off limits, and that he should only be attacked in self defense.  During a telephone conversation with him, Ash revealed the next step in her plan; to have Ezekiel’s child; who would be powerful enough to take her and her army through the gates of Heaven. 

As the millennium approached, Ash planned another breakout from Hell.  In Los Angeles, she sent a squad of damned souls, known as North’s Dozen, to bring Ezekiel to her.  She again proposed a union between them, and when he refused, she ordered her second in command, Jason Novak, to bring about the death of Stone’s former C.O., Enzo D’Amato.

This bait brought Stone back to New York City, where Ash continued to organize her second escape for New Year’s Eve, 1999.  Using the abilities of Marcus Atom, a former scientist with the power to turn anything he touched into an atomic trigger, Ash planned to blow up Times Square as the whole world watched the ball drop.  Ezekiel Stone, in turmoil over Rosalyn’s re-marriage and wanting to prevent the deaths of millions, finally accepted Ash’s offers of partnership.

A child was conceived that night, a child which will allow Ash to enter Heaven and bring her fight to God himself.  Ash waits in hiding, not wanting to risk herself until the time is right.  The end is coming soon…

Played by:
Teri Polo
Teri Polo