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of the most vile
creatures escaped...
Monica Bellucci
Caprice Bonheur (1967-1998)
Caprice was born in France to a moderately wealthy family.  When she was still a girl, they moved to the United States, settling on the East Coast.  Through a series of bad investments, her father lost most of their money, forcing them to move to a middle class neighborhood.
Although she was only ten, Caprice remembered what it was like to be rich.  She was a pretty girl, and focused on her beauty as a way to escape from the lifestyle that she despised. 

At 22, she married for the first and only time, to an investment banker.  Her parents would have approved of the match, but they never met her husband; Caprice was desperate to hide her roots.

When her husband died a few years later, leaving his money to her, the police investigated as a matter of course.  They were never able to prove that she’d murdered him... but after her death, she went straight to Hell.

Actress Pictured: 
Monica Bellucci