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Judas Booth (1904-2000)
Thomas Jane
Judas Booth was born under the most extreme circumstances. His mother was pregnant at the time she boarded the General Slocum. The fire that broke out caused his mother to go into premature labor. She was a very young and frightened girl, and in a moment of blind terror, Mrs. Booth struck a deal with The Devil. In exchange for saving her life and that of her unborn child, The Devil would gain the soul of said child -- Judas Booth. When a child's soul is promised to The Devil before it's natural birth, it is born as an immortal.
Judas grew up believeing that his mother never had a choice in the matter, and blamed the ship's captain for his condition. During his time among Mortals, Judas was forced to do The Devil's bidding. When several members of the General Slocum returned from Hell -- including the captain -- Judas set off to avenge his mother by sending them back to Hell in a most violent fashion.

Mrs. Booth eventually told her son the truth; that she had in fact made the choice to save her life in exchange for his soul. Stone sent Judas Booth to Hell by decapitating him on the Hell Gate Bridge.

Actor pictured:

Thomas Jane