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Mack 'Casey' Butler (1960-1998)
Mack Butler was the proverbial case of the good boy gone bad. As an only child he was painfully shy. He found himself longing for acceptance by a group and would often be willing to do just about anything for it. In high school, he was the “designated driver” for many groups of partying students, long before the term became popular. He had such a reputation for driving groups around that he was nicknamed Casey – after the railroad engineer Casey Jones. But that proved his undoing in college, when the night after graduation, he was arrested while driving his buddies around in a car they had stolen. A hard-nosed judge gave them 10 days each and worse – felony records.
W K Stratton
His dreams of a good career evaporated. Casey drifted from job to job, still more concerned with fitting in than anything else. He eventually became the driver for a young gang committing what seemed like harmless burglaries in rich neighborhoods. On the last job he did, the police gave chase and he accidentally struck and killed an elderly woman who was trying to cross the street. He turned himself in to the police and was sent to prison. He died in a prison riot just a few weeks later, on January 11th, 1998.

After the escape, he found his niche as part of North Ratare’s dozen. But he never allowed himself to drive again. He also developed a strong affection for Ash, though he was the not the type to ever try to make a move on her.

Actor Pictured:
W K Stratton