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Aldo Cagliari (1968-1998)
Aldo Cagliari despised an honest day’s work.

Ever since he was a boy, his preferred method of acquisition was theft.  It started small, with shoplifting.  He robbed his first store when he was 16, using a plastic gun painted black.  He parleyed the money into his first handgun, and knocked over three stores in the next week.  He was caught and sent to juvie.
Erik Palladino
Released at eighteen, Aldo robbed his first bank two weeks later.  It had been pointed out to him by his educators of the last eighteen months that ‘banks are where the money is.’  He managed to avoid arrest until 1994, when he went got caught again.  He did four years in Attica this time.

In 1998, Aldo walked into the First Bank on Lexington and handed the teller a note.  The security guard came up behind him and shot him.  Although gut shot, Aldo escaped after killing the guard, leaving the money and a trail of blood.

He made it home, but the wound was fatal.  Aldo died that night, alone in his apartment.

He went to Hell, but as luck would have it, Ashur Badaktu had chosen that very night for her jailbreak. Aldo signed on with North’s Dozen, and returned to his apartment before the sun rose. 

When the police arrived in the morning, armed with a video tape of the robbery that showed him clearly, Aldo met them nonchalantly.  Now a supernatural creature, and uninjured, charges were never filed.

Actor Pictured:

Erik Palladino