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Edward Furlong
Gus 'Rusty' Chaine (1966-1985)
Gus was born in 1966 to Mary and Mike Chain.  His father was not pleased to have him around, but his mother loved him very much.  Right after he started school, he came home one day to find his father being taken away by police.  Inside the house was his dead mother.
Gus was an angry child, and his rage manifested itself in violent acts that kept him moving from foster home to foster home.  Finally freeing himself from the system at age 18, he took a job at a local restaurant.  Not happy with the low wages, he went in one night and robbed the store of $3,200.  The only place he could lock up the hostages was the freezer, and they were dead by the time they were found the next morning.  The police quickly caught him, and he appeared before Judge Thurston Bristol, who refused him bail.  He got into an argument with another inmate over a card game and was found dead the next morning.

Actor Pictured:
Edward Furlong