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Mary Chaine (1919-1972)
          AKA Apollo Law
Mary Sloan went to Hollywood in the late 1930s.  She tried out for ’Dark Side of Eden’, but didn’t get the part.  In desperation, she poisioned the actress who had earned the role, allowing Mary to take her place.  It was a big break for her, and she was even nominated for an Academy Award.

As her career wound down in the 1950s, she married Mike Chaine, one of her directors. Their son Gus was born in 1966. Mary died in 1972, beaten to death by her abusive husband. He was arrested and convicted for it, leaving young Gus to grow up in a string of foster homes and orphanages.
Ingrid Bergman
Mary returned to Earth in 1998 and was able to get a job managing the Pine Cinema 5 in LA. She was reunited with her son, and although he was not the sweet child that she remembered, she was still happy to have her second chance. But then Rusty drew attention to himself, and was sent back to Hell right before her eyes.

She swore revenge against Ezekiel Stone, and with the help of Jason Novak, she began posing as a black man under the name Apollo Law.  This disguise fooled Ezekiel Stone, and he was lured out into the Pacific Ocean, where she abandoned him and framed him for murder.  Back on land, she killed Alvin Bristol, whose father, Judge Bristol, had sent her son to the jail cell that he’d died in.

Although Stone was unable to catch her, Ashur Badaktu ordered Mary captured for disobeying her policies.  On the sixteenth anniversary of Stone’s death, he returned home to find a tortured Mary Chaine bound in his room.  Mary was a present from Ash, to make up for the trouble that she had caused, and Stone sent her back to Hell, reuniting her with her son for the final time.

Actress Pictured:

Ingrid Bergman