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Arden Corvina (1819-1869)
Arden Corvina, and her husband Charles, moved to Kansas after the Civil War.  Charles, having served the Union faithfully, wanted to start a new life.  With their son and three daughters, they settled in Eastern Kansas, in what they thought was part of the United Statesís Homestead Act.  However, the lands were already occupied by the Osage Tribe, having been resettled there thirty years earlier. 

Tensions were high, and Charles Corvina killed a Osage warrior one afternoon in July 1869.  The next day, while Arden had gone down to the creek to fetch water for supper, a war party raided her home.  Her entire family was wiped out, except for her eldest daughter, Mary, who had married Mark Ravenwood a few months earlier. 
Anne Bancroft

The nearest fort was three days travel, but somehow she made it.  She led the garrison to the Osage camp, where three dozen Indians were slaughtered at random. 
Hector Runningwolf, one of the tribeís medicine men lost his wife and children.  He took careful note of this enraged woman.  He had been a hunter in his younger days, and he stalked Arden Corvina for the next month.  He slipped into town to assassinate her, and succeeded.  Her screams drew attention to him, and he was caught and hanged.

Actress Pictured:
Anne Bancroft