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of the most vile
creatures escaped...
Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Darke (1971-1998)
Dina Meyer
Status: Still Escaped

Lizzy Darke grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania.  When she was a teenager, her parents sent her to St. Mary’s School for Girls.  She’d hated it, always wanting something more.

When she turned eighteen, she’d moved to New York City.  It took effort on her part, but she began to fall in with the wrong crowd, taking up smoking and drinking to fit in.  This was the life that she’d always wanted to lead.
One night, after a party, Lizzy went home with a guy named Jack Durakeen.  She often went home with guys that she‘d just met, discarding them the next morning, but for some reason she hung on to this one.  She fell in love.  They moved in together, and she was happy. 

There came a night when Jack came home late, his pockets stuffed with cash.  He pleaded with her to say that they’d been together all evening.  She agreed instantly, and told the same to the police the next day.  Jack was arrested, but her testimony at his trial put reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.

The police found a new suspect, a friend of theirs, Kevin Hood.  With a public defender and no alibi, Kevin was sentenced to three years for the crime Jack had committed.  Kevin made enemies in prison, and was murdered.  About that time, Jack left her for an eighteen year old blond.

Her time in Hell was short, and as part of North’s Dozen, Lizzy has found herself mixed in with the worst crowd of all - a group that plans to end the world as we know it.

Actress pictured:
Dina Meyer