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of the most vile
creatures escaped...
Gwendolyn DuBare (1390-1408)
'Heat', Gwendolyn DuBare confessing to her shrink.
"I've been dead since that morning -- the morning when the young squires came, three lances of them, came to take our oxen, burn our home. And... after they'd had their way with me, and left me in a pool of their filth, I cried from the hour of compling to the hour of vigils. I looked for help... but the reverend master, he turned his gaze away from me. 'For they are of the Baron's household,' said the pastor. 'Just young noblemen having their fun,' said the sheriff.
Chad Morgan
"So, I took a torch, made from soiled rags that had been my clothes and... I burned them. All. The boys, their families. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, I burned them all.

"I can't love. All I have to give is the fire."

Gwen began attending New Coast University in 1998, and accidentally burned her would-be lover, Professor John Albright.  After accidentally boiling her next one, Todd, she started a killing spree.  Although Ezekiel Stone was sympathetic to her, because she was also damned for killing her rapists and their families, he sent her back to Hell anyway.

In 2000, Gwen was present at another attempted escape from Hell.  Tired of the Devil's tortures, Gwen was able to anchor herself in a wall of fire and burn away her soul into nothingness, ending her existence... or so she thought.  A tiny piece of her soul returned to Earth, and helped revive a young girl in a coma.

Played by:
Chad Morgan
Holly Fields
Even though the card lists her birth and death years as 1440 and 1458, the editors at the Brimstone VS give more weight to Gwen's statement that she was in Hell for 600 years.