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of the most vile
creatures escaped...
Fredrick Wilcot Graver (1900-1932)
AKA "The Dogman"
Proverbs, Chapter 10:
Treasures of wickedness profit nothing, but righteousness delivereth from death.

Connection to Stone:
Both killed those they deemed unworthy of life

Known as Willy in 1998, Fredrick Wilcot Graver killed (in order) Darnell Wolf, Louis Pritchard, Agnes Bonstead, Errol Lictor, and Thomas Fanaro, which is what brought him to Ezekiel Stone’s attention.  He had gotten a job with LA’s DA office.  He then killed ADA Lambert, and Luther Birch, not knowing Birch was innocent.  Stone sent him back by jabbing two electrical wires in his eyes.

Graver’s abilities were the abilities to control and generate electricity.  He was able to use his powers to knock Stone’s gun down.  He was also able to generate enough electricity to jumpstart a car.

From Executioner:
Fredrick Wilcot Graver, AKA “The Dogman”, backwoods attorney, embittered by his own success at getting clients off scot-free, quit, and turned into a traveling executioner.

“Serving smaller jails of California during the late 20s was Fredrick Wilcot Graver.  Known for his profound love of dogs, packs of which often followed him from town to town. Graver required on[ly] the humblest of fees to employ his own custom-built, truck-mounted electric chair to execute over 100 men in his time.  Graver’s truck and chair were retired following his murder in 1932.  Believed to be in the hands of a private collector.”

“Once he wouldn’t stop a killing, even though he knew that the governor was on the phone with a pardon.  He simply refused to pick up the phone, and he threw the switch himself.  He insisted that he made the world a better place.”

Played by:
Robert Knepper
Robert Knepper