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of the most vile
creatures escaped...
Nick Greene (1933-1972)
'Sin City':
Nick Greene had not been a nice guy when he was alive.

He tried to rob a casino in Las Vegas, but the job went bad.  Two tellers ended up dead, their brains decorating the walls where they worked.  Even after two coats of paint, you could still see the patterns of blood.  One of the tellers, Angie Siest, was five months pregnant, so you could actually call it a triple homicide.

Head of security at Nero’s Palace was Carl ‘Speed’ Tryon.  A good man, respected by his peers, feared by his enemies, Speed was in the prime of his life on that hot day in July 1972.  When he saw Nick Greene gun down a pregnant woman, Speed decided that Nick would not be taken alive.  Two shots to the back of his head aborted Nick’s thieving days as surely as he had aborted the life of Angie Siest’s unborn child.

Actor Pictured:

Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi