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Gilbert Jax (1956-1983)
Connection to Stone:
Gilbert Jax was the man who raped Rosalyn Stone, and Stone was sentenced to Hell for killing him.

When Gilbert was five, his older brother Hank used to pick on him constantly.  His mother never tried hard to discourage this, and his father turned a blind eye, as Hank was his favorite.  After three years, Gilbert saw a chance for revenge.  As the brothers played in their tree house, Gilbert shoved his brother out.  Hank fell to the ground, where his head struck a brick and removed him from this mortal coil.  Gilbert insisted Hank had slipped, and was never punished for his crime.

Not long after that, Clyde Jax ran off to Mexico with a woman from the office, taking Evelynís wedding ring.  Evelyn latched onto her remaining family, and tried to raise Gilbert right, but it was too late.  Gilbert was already on the road to Hell, committing acts of  robbery, battery, and rape. 

He met a girl named Cazzie, and teamed up with her for a robbery.  Ezekiel Stone found out, but rather than arresting them, he only wanted information on a cop killer, Ned Raines, Cazzieís ex-boyfriend.  They returned the loot, and Gilbert dumped her. 

Two months later, on April 19th, 1983, he broke into the Stoneís household, finding Rosalyn alone.  After raping her and stealing her wedding ring, he fled, but was soon picked up.  Roz was afraid to testify, and physical evidence alone couldnít convict him, so Gilbert Jax was released. 

In September of that year, Ezekiel Stone entered Jaxís apartment and injected him with a drug overdose, sending him directly to Hell.

In 1998, Jax returned to his motherís house, living there and pretending to lead a normal life while continuing to commit crimes at night.  Ezekiel Stone sent him back to Hell, leaving his mother alone again.

Played by:
William McNamara
William McNamara
Note: The online trading card above, put out by FOX as part of the show's promotional material, is contridicted by information given during actual episodes.  It is shown here for entertainment purposes only, not as a reference.