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of the most vile
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Adam Killion (1943-1975)
Born in Raleigh, NC, on March 4th, 1943, Killion moved to LA immediately after graduating high school to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer. His expertise in firearms and hand-to-hand combat quickly earned him a place in the LAPD Special Weapons And Tactics Hostage & Demolitions Unit. After discovering fellow officer Jason Novak conducting business with local street gang El Diablos, Killion became determined to expose him. His relentless prying into the subsequent investigation against Novak led to the murder of his wife and child. Killion survived the attack, and shortly thereafter began a personal vigilante hunt for Novak and the four killers. His hunt escalated to a bloody conclusion at a shopping mall in downtown LA on Columbus Day 1975, where Killion took Novak and himself out in an apparent suicide mission, as well as 32 other innocent bystanders. Twenty-three years later, Killion escaped from Hell, continuing his hunt for Novak, unaffected by how many people he must eradicate to achieve his ultimate goal.