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Detective Jason Novak (1931-1975)
AKA Detective Harlowe
Born in LA on July 7th, 1931, Jason Novak followed in the footsteps of his father, a beat cop, and pursued a career in the LAPD. Novak, however, was more ambitious, possessing an almost unhealthy drive for success and power. His repeated arrests of numerous drug lords and high-ranking street gang members earned him several citations and medals of honor. But it wasn't till one autumn day in 1972 when Novak was discovered by SWAT team officer Adam Killion to be involved in the trafficking and distribution of narcotics, working in conjunction with several street gangs, including the fast-rising group El Diablos, led by the brutal and savage Rocco. Novak fed on the power trip, realizing that gang wars meant profit, and that playing all sides would ensure his success and survival.

Seeing that Killion was getting too close to the truth, Novak contracted Rocco, Cutter, Welland and Spooky to murder him and his family. The four members of El Diablos broke into Killion's home one night and executed their orders, murdering the wife and child and leaving Killion for dead.

But Killion survived, recovered, and embarked on a vigilante hunt, murdering three of the four killers and tracking Novak down to a shopping mall in downtown LA on Columbus Day 1975, where Novak was doing some shopping with his wife and two kids. Killion detonated explosives strapped to his chest, killing Novak, his family, and 29 other people.

While planning the breakout from Hell, Ash saw in Novak exactly the traits required to get ahead in the current century and further her war on God. In return for teaching Ash the tactics and procedures of modern day police work, Novak was shown the "powers of Hell", powers which would normally take younger souls lifetimes to discover, and was promised a high position in Ash's new world order.