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Pandora (1751-1803)
Pandora was born on the west coast of Africa, near the Gambia River. A member of the MANDINGO TRIBE, Pandora spent her time as a healer and mystic to her people.

She was also the only known woman to be given the honor of GRIOT. A Griot was a person who carried the history of the tribe around in their memory. Her brain was close to that of a modern computer, so accurate was her ability to retain facts and events that happened over the course of centuries. It is said that when a Griot dies, it is the same as a library burning to the ground.
Eartha Kitt
Pandora was captured by slave traders and brought to America, where her amazing mental abilities impressed and frightened her master. Learning quickly the punishment of an intellegent slave, Pandora kept her powers a secret as best she could.  Pandora was killed in a slave revolt.

Ash knows of her ability, and uses her to keep track of all the Damned Souls. She keeps bone fragments which represent each Damned Soul in a box. When it is required, she can locate them by coming into contact with the proper fragment. Pandora is afraid of Ash, but has no choice but to follow her commands.

Actress pictured:
Eartha Kitt