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of the most vile
creatures escaped...
Da Ming Po (1002-1035)
From 'Poem' - (to Miss Chow, as he prepares to kill her)
"Please forgive me for the pain.  My English is improving, no?  You should be very proud.  Such a good teacher.  I too was a teacher once.  I was called to the court to tutor my princess in the art of words.  My princess.  She was so pure and untouched.  But she was a princess, and I was just a poet.  When she spurned me, I saw only fire.  When the flames faded, I had taken her life, so the bailiffs took mine.
    "Now I've returned, to honor her memory, to compose a poem of love celebrating her virtue.  No, not a poem, a living shrine, created from the essence of women... like her.  I know you are not pure, like my princess.  But you do have her beauty.  This is a new land, a new dynasty, and I will live by its rules.  In this land, you shall always be pure, for you are born under the sign of the virgin."

Played by:
Rodger Yuan
Roger Yuan