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John Porter (1902 – 1961)
John Porter was born in Gary, Indiana.  He worked in the steel mills for a while, working long days and living frugally to save his money.  Then he moved to New York City and worked with steel again, this time assembling the new skyscrapers that were being built with this revolutionary material. 

In 1929 the stock market collapsed.  John lost very little money in the crash, having correctly avoided buying the overpriced stocks.  As the stocks reached low levels, John had faith that they would someday rally, and plowed most of his savings into the struggling markets.  He continued to work in the construction trade, providing a good income for him and his wife Wendy. 
His investments paid off, and John was able to retire at the age of 55.  He and Wendy were frequent guests at the Ice Lake Resort in upstate New York.  It was there, in 1959, that he witnessed a runaway car plunge into Ice Lake.  Without thinking, he swam out into the water.  Tabitha Price, wife of the resort’s groundskeeper, pushed her five year old son Jimmy out the window to him. John took the boy to shore and returned for Tabitha, but it was too late.  Jimmy’s mother was still trapped inside the sunken car.

While visiting the resort two years later, John caught his wife with Albert Price. He went to the kitchen, borrowed a knife, and returned to their room to confront her.  After stabbing her twice, he killed himself.

Actor Pictured:
Robert Blake