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Wendy Porter (1907-1961)
Wendy Callahan was raised in Connecticut by a mild tempered mother and a controlling father.  She often fantasized about running away to New York City, which would surely be a wonderful and magical place.  At age 19, she set off.
The city was an entirely new experience for her.  Wendy tried to make a life for herself, but was lost in the complexities there.  After a month, her money was almost out.  One day, as she left a job interview, she walked past a construction site.  The working men shouted to her and made obscene proposals.  At the end of the block, several of them even blocked her path.  Wendy was very nervous, but a rescuer arrived.  One of the men cleared a path for her, threatened the others, and escorted her safely away.

This was how she met John Porter. 

She fell in love with him quickly.  This was a man who gave direction to her life.  They became lovers, and then husband and wife.  Her parents even attended the ceremony. 

As the years went on, Wendy felt her love for John fade.  Where his controlling nature once appealed to her, as she matured she found it frustrating.  John was still a hero to her; he even saved the life of a young boy at the resort they frequented, but he no longer represented her ideal. 

Wendy often visited the young boy, Jimmy Price, and his father, newly widowed.  Arnold Price was a kind and gentle man, thoughtful and caring.  Her junior by a decade,  he was a more exciting lover than her husband.  In 1961, John caught the two of them.  That night he killed her, and then himself, sending them to Hell, together forever.

Actress Pictured:
Kathleen Quinlan