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Leona Pride (1950-1998)
Leona was the only daughter in her proud Spanish-American family with
five older brothers. They would have been content to spoil her rotten, but she wanted no part of that. She spent her childhood trying to prove she was the equal or better of any of her brothers, or any man. When oldest brother Victor challenged her to target practice on a shooting range, she found her true passion. Soon, she could outshoot anyone among family, friends or schoolmates. She even won a local marksmanship championship in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Elizabeth Pena
But in the early seventies, opportunities for a woman, particularly a Spanish woman, were still few and far between. Even the military would not take her because she had slightly flat feet. But then she was recruited by a top secret branch of the CIA as a professional assassin. She did a series of stealth sniper missions against enemy agents. But she had a natural charm and beauty and soon became one of their top agents out in the field as well.

In early 1994, she was assigned to spy on a General who was suspected to have tortured and killed an agent she had fallen in love with. She went beyond her assignment and killed the General, coming close to starting a war with her actions. The CIA tried to have her killed to avoid the incident coming to light. Now disillusioned with her country and her life, she eluded capture and became a rogue assassin for any country. She began to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and pleasure of the kill. She took more and more risks as time went by and on her last assignment in 1998 shot her target in front of his four bodyguards. She shot the bodyguards dead as well, but one of them managed to put one bullet into Leona. Though not immediately fatal, the wound was more serious than she guessed and she ended up bleeding to death before she could get medical aid. She died with a perfect record never once failing to complete her mission.

Actress Pictured:
Elizabeth Pena