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of the most vile
creatures escaped...
Hector Runningwolf (1817-1869)
From 'Wolf Day Afternoon':
He’d been a hunter in his tribe in his younger days.  As he came of age, he remembered the white men who had moved into the Osage lands.  He remembered their migration to the lands of the Kansas tribe, where representatives of the white man had promised them good land forever.

For a time, all went well.  But as he grew older, and left the hunting to younger braves, white men again appeared on their land.  When he became one of the tribe’s leading medicine men, he was often called on to heal the wounds from the white man’s guns
Russell Means

In 1869, a squad of soldiers, accompanied by a white woman, rode into the camp and began killing at random.  Among the dead were his wife and two children.  Wolf took careful note of the woman.  Over the next month, he tracked her, finally slipping into the town where she lived to assassinate her, swearing before the Great Spirit to destroy her entire family as she had destroyed his.  He easily overpowered
Arden Corvina, but her screams drew attention to him, and he was caught and promptly hanged, his vendetta incomplete.

Actor Pictured:
Russell Means