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of the most vile
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Khalid Shareef (1190-1204)
Phillip Rhys
Khalid Shareef lived in Constantinople with his wife and young daughter.  Late one night, he awoke to find a man quietly entering their home.  Arming himself with Anwar, his sword, Khalid quickly dispatched the would be thief.  When the candles were lit, he discovered that it was his wife’s brother, bearing news of an approaching army.  The Christians finally captured the city, and Khalid died defending it.

In New York, after the escape, Khalid took as job as a bartender.  Still guided by his beliefs in Islam, he took a perverse pleasure in serving alcohol to the Christians.

From Child of Fire:

"Khalid was there when the walls of Constantinople were breached. He wielded a one hundred pound scimitar, named Anwar. He held back the advance, single handed, for a few moments, killing left and right. But then Corydon
(A Grigori banished to Earth) entered the city.

"The two greatest warriors from each side fought for an hour, battle raging all around them.  Corydon found almost every attack he made was parried. His greatest inflictions were mere scratches, drawing less blood than a mosquito. But as the sun lowered, Khalid began to weaken. Corydon pressed on, and finally ran him through. He stood there, Khalid impaled on his sword, enjoying the victory. But Khalid made one last attack, arcing Anwar high over his head, splitting open the skull of Corydon.

"Anwar means 'shafts of light' in Arabic, which is what appeared as the windows to Corydon's soul were shattered. The battle halted, and everyone watched as his soul was destroyed. The defenders recovered the sword, which they thought had mystical power. Even now, it is showcased in Istanbul."

Actor Pictured:
Phillip Rhys