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of the most vile
creatures escaped...
Hasdrubul Skaras (237 BC-202 BC)
Vae Victis, Latin for ‘Woe to the vanquished’

He tried to get Stone to join him, and offered to teach him things in exchange for the partnership. Stone declined, and he began killing members of the group Blue Survivors. When Stone hid the remaining members from him, he hunted down Madeline Fuller’s mother, and killed her. While there, he heard a message that Maddy left, and tracked his prey to Father Horn’s church near the airport. He broke in, and captured Madeline Fuller, using her as bait to bring Stone out into the main hall. Stone had lit many candles there, and was able to spot him from the shadows, sending him back to Hell with his own blade

Played by:
Richard Brooks
Richard Brooks
Note: The online trading card above, put out by FOX as part of the show's promotional material, is contridicted by information given during actual episodes.  It is shown here for entertainment purposes only, not as a reference.