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of the most vile
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William Wilson (1465 - 1538)
William Wilson was born in England in 1465.  As a young man, he fought in the War of the Roses.  After he came home, he was a bit of a drunkard.  He hung around with a rough crowd, causing mischief and mayhem, of which the cumulative total sent him to Hell. 

He finally settled down, started a family and raised three daughters.  His youngest daughter, Katharine, inherited her fatherís wild ways, and began seeing a man who sidelined as a thief.  Seeking to impress him, she stole a jeweled cup from the townís cathedral.

The cup was discovered in Williamís home.  He was old and senile, but Bishop Gregory, a frequent victim of Williamís pranks when he had been a novice, had the old man arrested and locked up in jail.  It was winter, and William Wilson was placed in the farthest cell from the jailís fire, even though closer rooms were available.

As the Bishop dined on meat and wine that night, William Wilson, innocent of the charges against him, froze to death.  The injustice of his death at the hands of the church was a powerful memory, and Ash took advantage of it, stealing it to inspire others in her war against God.