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Kineta Xiao (1968-1998)
Lucy Liu
Born in South Korea, Kineta studied martial arts since the age of four. She had decided to move to Hollywood in order to break into the film industry. He simple goal was to become a stunt woman/double. With the popularity of such Asian stars as Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fat, Jet Li, etc. on the rise, Kineta felt sure the time was right for her to make it big. Upon arrival in the U.S., Kineta was detained because of a VISA problem. While in detention, Kineta was involved in a fight which left three guards dead. Her guilt unquestionable, Kineta was deported back to South Korea. On the voyage home, the ship she was aboard developed engine trouble. A violent storm capsized the ship, and all aboard were lost.

Actress Pictured:

Lucy Liu