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WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers, so if you haven't read these episodes yet and you intend to, this is not a good place for you to be. If you've read the episodes already, or don't intend on reading them at all, then go right ahead.  Another perspective on the first season can be found here.
Season One (written by Derek Saul)
Season Two (written by episode authors)
Season Three (written by episode authors)
101. Pilot
Written by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris

Detective Lieutenant Ezekiel Stone killed his wife's rapist in 1983, making it look like a drug overdose. Shortly thereafter he was killed in a shootout and went to Hell. Now it's 1998 and Stone is back. He's been sent by the Devil to recover 113 escaped souls from Hell. The first is
Father Edward Solinas, a priest who died over a hundred years ago when he murdered several sets of four young altar boys, in his efforts to prevent what he believed to be the Apocalypse. Now Solinas is back and trying to commit the same set of killings. Stone has come to the attention of the local NY police, but manages to team up with Detectives William Kane and Charlie Hirsch, who are in charge of the investigation. By tracking a rare coin, Stone follows Solinas to an abandoned subway tunnel. Hirsch is killed, but Stone manages to send Solinas back to Hell as Kane realizes that Stone actually is a supernatural creature and everything he's said is true. While investigating the parish where Solinas had taken up residence, Stone meets Father Cletus Horn, a blind priest who'd lost his sight as a result of a gunblast while intervening in a domestic dispute. Stone also pays a visit to his old home, where he experiences flashbacks of happier times with his long lost wife, Rosalyn Stone. In the end, Kane informs Stone that his wife has moved to California.

102. Encore
Written by Scott A. Williams

One of Hell's fugitives is raping women, and has an extra-sick sense of humor about it - he wears a devil mask during the attacks. This kicks up a torrent of bad memories of his own wife's rape for Stone. He wants to nail this one quickly. Meanwhile, a slightly off-kilter, religious mother has accepted the return of her prodigal son. It's a common enough scenario, except for the fact that her son is dead. And he seems not to be reformed at all, but is stalking women in the neighborhood. When he and Stone finally cross paths, he's impervious to the usual one way ticket back to Hell - Stone shoots him squarely in the eyes but nothing happens. Just as Stone realizes he is powerless to stop this damned soul, he also realizes that the man he's chasing is the man he killed - his wife's attacker,
Gilbert Jax. The Devil soon informs Stone that killing Jax again is not enough. He must rekindle the rage he experienced fifteen years ago in order to send this one back. In their final confrontation, Jax taunts Stone about his wife's rape, telling him how sweet it would be the second time around. Succombing to his raging emotions, Stone sends Jax back to Hell in a torrent of blazing fury.

103. Poem

Written by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris

Stone finds himself in L.A., looking for his wife Rosalyn, and instead lands on the trail of
Da Ming Po, a rather nasty Tang dynasty Chinese poet. Po was damned to Hell for killing a princess who rejected him over a thousand years ago. Now that he's back, Po is experimenting with the avant garde and is now writing his poems in the blood of his victims. The desired medium is the blood of virgins, which makes his art especially challenging. While trying to track down his wife, Stone comes across one of Po's victims and shifts gears to nail him. But it's a bit of rough going for Stone. If being dead hasn't made him feel enough of an outsider, trying to investigate a murder as a white guy in Chinatown drags him down a bit as he struggles to get a grip on the culture. At the same time, Stone is trying to swindle information on the case from Detective Sergeant Ash, a beautiful policewoman with whom he seems to have a prior acquaintance with. Stone also pays a visit to Nina Chow, Po's English teacher at the Chinatown Community Center. Meanwhile, Po is having more and more difficulty finding virgin blood in which to dip his pen. And the police are after him as well. Inspired, Po enters a police station, confesses, and kills himself. Now presumed dead, he slips out of the morgue and searches for his next victim. But Stone tracks him down to his attic apartment and sends the poet screaming back to Hell. (In this episode, we also discover that $36.27 appears in Stone's wallet every day - the same amount he had in his wallet when he died fifteen years ago.)

104. Heat
Written by Janis Diamond

Stone must track down
Gwendolyn DuBare, a young, attractive college student who literally sets her lovers aflame merely by touch. For all that, she seems to be a rather nice person. She doesn't seem to want to kill anyone, and she's seeing a therapist to try to deal with her anger and slightly unbalanced mind. When Stone finally tracks her down, the prospect of sending her back is odious. In life she was a peasant girl from Medieval France, brutally gang-raped by a small pack of nobles. When she couldn't get justice from the law or the church, she burnt down her attackers homes, killing them and many of their friends and family. For Stone, she strongly evokes memories of his wife's rape. Because he sympathizes with her, and because the parallels to his wife, Rosalyn, are so strong, the thought of sending her back to Hell is painful for Stone. But alas, Gwen is overwhelmed by centuries of buried rage, and Stone is forced to do his job. During the investigation, Stone continues to cross paths with Detective Ash.

105. Slayer
Story by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris
Teleplay by Angel Dean Lopez

One of the escapees,
Hasdrubul Skaras, approaches Stone and offers him a deal: if Stone joins forces with him and turns against the Devil, Hasdrubul will share the power that he plans to take on Earth. Stone prefers to regain his humanity on his own. In return, Hasdrubul, a Carthaginian warrior over two thousand years old, uses his Hell-developed power to blend into the shadows to first vanish before Stone can take him down, and then start killing the widows of "fallen warriors" (i.e., policeman killed in the line of duty), as Carthaginian ritual demands. Stone tries to stop him, helping one of the widows to escape from both Skaras and the police guard. Stone also meets resistance from Detective Ash, who has one of the widows under her protection. Outclassed, Stone hides in Father Horn's new church and uses the flickering light of the candles to spot Hasdrubul and make a throw that puts out Skaras's eyes and sends him back to Hell. Meanwhile, Stone makes a friend - Maxine, the peppy desk clerk/aspiring writer at the Hotel Irondell where he lives.

106. Repentance
Written by Fred Golan

Homeless people are having their eyes cut out, and Stone believes one of the escapees is responsible. Investigating the crimes, Stone visits Jimmy G, the war-buff proprietor of Jimmy G's World of War. He finds a clue there that leads him to
Martin Benedict, a World War II Nazi collaborator.  Stone tracks down Benedict, who manages to escape after passing up a chance to send Stone back to Hell. Despite the Devil's insistence, Stone investigates further and determines that Benedict has apparently been playing the role of a hidden guardian angel to the community, dubbed the "Angel of Mercy" by the locals. He finds out that the murders are the result of a merely human killer who sells the eyes on the black market for organs, and that Benedict has truly repented of his crimes. Stone refuses to send the reformed man back to Hell, but Benedict realizes that if Stone fails he will have to go back. Benedict insists that Stone send him back, which he does, and Martin disappears in a blaze of light subtly different from the usual "down to Hell." A furious Devil asserts that he won this time, but Stone knows better.

107. Executioner
Story by Fred Golan
Teleplay by Scott A. Williams

When criminals who have gotten off on technicalities (and the people who helped them) start turning up fried in freak electrical accidents, no one much seems to care. Everyone's too glad to count this as some sort of cosmic justice. But the coincidence is too much, and Stone investigates why sinners are becoming cinders. There's a little extra pressure with this case. Whomever is mopping up the dregs of society with 10,000 kilojewels a pop is pretty efficient, and the Devil warns Stone that his quarry might be in line for Zeke's job, if he can't cut it. All the dead are linked to one D.A.'s office, helmed by an implacable barrister and her shady assistant - either one of whom might be behind the vigilante justice. But some internet investigating by Maxine leads Stone to discover that the Hell-escapee is actually the lowly office janitor,
Frederick Wilcot Graver, a.k.a. "The Dogman", a former state executioner who punished the guilty who'd been acquitted. In a final showdown of electrifying proportions, Stone sends Graver back to Hell with shocking force. Meanwhile, Stone and Ash continue to become better acquianted, their attraction obviously growing.

108. Ashes
Written by Angel Dean Lopez

L.A. is plagued by a series of burnings of religious buildings: churches, synagogues, mosques. The Devil puts Stone on the case, and he believes that one of the escapees is trying to exact revenge on God by attacking His structures. Meanwhile, Stone and Detective Ash keep crossing paths, and the romantic interest between them grows, despite the continuous teasing of Ash's partner, Detective Fraker. They get so far as to start stripping off their clothes, but Ash is put off by the tattoos on Stone's skin. Stone finally tracks down his suspect, Varner, but it turns out he is simply a mind-controlled pawn. The actual escapee is . . . Ash. Ash is actually
Ashur Badaktu, a 4000-year-old priestess of the pagan god Asherah. She killed her daughter Seri, as her religion ordained, but when God became the supreme deity, she was targeted by His followers and her entire world was sentenced to complete destruction in the name of Yahweh, who condemned her to Hell. Ash/Ashur is the one who led the escape, and managed to get a job as a detective with the LAPD in order to more efficiently track down the damned souls who will join her cause and eliminate those who refuse. Now she plans to gain revenge on God Himself by destroying His power and influence over Earth. She realized Stone was sent to track her down when she saw the tattoos, one of which had her real name. Stone can't quite bring himself to kill the woman he's been attracted to, and Ash/Ashur escapes. The Devil is not happy, and Stone suspects that his "boss" may have been romantically involved with Ashur as well.

109. Lovers

Written by Chris Bertolet

Stone complains to the Devil that he wants to have a little "fun." The Devil obliges, unfortunately. . . . Stone has to buy a car from the Devil (for the usual $36.27) and while taking it in for repairs, overhears a man who claims to have been attacked by a young punk who died years ago. Investigating, Stone finds out that
Paco Gomez is an escapee from Hell, and seems to be fixated on a young woman, Jocelyn Paige. Stone runs into Detective Fraker again at the crime scene of one of Paco's victims, who obviously seems to be getting tired of Stone's prying into police matters. As Stone soon finds out, Paco and Jocelyn were actually lovers years ago. Jocelyn was a rich young debutante and Paco was from the wrong side of the tracks. Jocelyn killed her parents so she could be with the equally murderous Paco, and both of them ended up in Hell, and subsequently escaped. Stone manages to send Paco back, then confronts Jocelyn in her family's home and sends her back. As the Devil laughs at his idea of "fun," Stone shoots the headlights out of his car and sends it back to Hell too.

110. Carrier
Written by Janis Diamond

The newest escapee is
Sally Ann McGee, the woman who was the original Typhoid Mary. She originally spread her disease without consideration for the harm it did, earning her a place in Hell. Now she's back on Earth and doing the same thing. Worse, her typhoid is a hundred times worse for having been bathed in the flame of Hell. Even the Devil is concerned about whether she might infect him. Stone is exposed when Sally manages to kiss him, and even his supernatural immunity provides him with no defense. Escaping CDC confinement, a weakened Stone manages to track down Sally, who has realized she can have no "safe" human contact and has decided to infect L.A.'s water supply. Stone just manages to send her back, which ends her supernatural plague and restores him to normal.

111. Faces
Written by Fred Golan

In related incidents, people are being found brutally beaten. When Stone trails the killer, whom he believes to be one of Hell's own, to a motel, he hears voices - apparently this fugitive has found some partners. The door bursts open and his quarry eludes him, but left behind is a teenaged boy,
Brian Reed. Brian is nearly silent and Stone uses his own quiet reserve to draw him out. Later, Stone does some homework and finds out that Brian had been severely beaten as a boy, a history with which Stone has some empathy, having had his own violent father. Stone begins to take on a fatherly role with Brian, trying to be for him, if only for a short time, the type of decent fatherly figure they both never had. At the batting cages with Brian, Stone strikes up a friendship with Thurston Bristol, a retired court judge. But Brian's dark past runs deeper and blacker than Stone realizes. He soon discovers Brian is afflicted with multiple personalities, one of whom is shockingly violently and responsible for driving him to murder an elderly man while alive. Stone must stop the boy from wreaking vengeance on his abusive stepfather. In the end he succeeds, but at the price of losing his connection to a son he may never have again. Stone meets Judge Bristol at the batting cages again, hoping to continue their newfound friendship, Stone seeing in the old man a caring father figure he never had.

112. It's a Helluva Life

Written by Janis Diamond & Scott A. Williams

Stone is on the pursuit of a Hell-escapee, bank robber
Joseph Renkmeyer, when he catches a glimpse of his wife Rosalyn at the bank the robber is holding up. Stone gripes to the Devil, who decides to show him how lousy Stone was in life. Stone is taken back through his life, where he is shown how he was a bully as a child and beat up suspects as a cop. However, a mysterious figure in white who looks just like the Devil shows up. Claiming to be an Angel, the figure shows Stone how what the Devil is showing him is just one side of the picture. Stone accomplished much good in his life, but in despair he takes a shot at the mocking Devil. As punishment, the Devil refuses to let him rescue Rosalyn, even if Stone begs and cringes and swears to do his bidding even without reward. In the nick of time Stone realizes that it's all an illusion, as the Devil has no real power on Earth. He breaks free and gets to the bank just in time to send Renkmeyer back to Hell and rescue Rosalyn and the other patrons. As she leaves without seeing him once more, the Angel assures Stone that all things considered, he would have gone to Heaven if not for killing Jax, and that his quest to send the escapees back serves a higher purpose than even the Devil knows.

113. Mourning After

Story by Angel Dean Lopez
Teleplay by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris

He's crossed her path a couple of times, but has held back. His widow, Rosalyn, doesn't quite know Stone is back, but somehow she can sense him. Nevertheless, being dead and damned is awkward to explain, and Stone has thought this was an insurmountable obstacle - until now. Fixating on either some weird courage or quirky folly, Stone is now toying with letting Rosalyn know he's back, against the Devil's best wishes. He makes some preliminary moves for the unveiling, but when he rings her doorbell on Valentine's Day he's surprised to be greeted by her new boyfriend, real estate agent Barry Ceniza, who's apparently on intimate terms with her. Part hurt, part jealous, part suspicious, Stone shadows the boyfriend and grows alarmed when a series of snake attacks which seem netherworldly in nature point in Barry's general direction. He soon makes a surprising discovery - Ceniza is actually
Ashur Badaktu in disguise. Ash escapes from Stone once again, and in order to keep Rosalyn out of harm's way, Stone decides to keep his "existence" a secret from her, immediately making himself scarce from her neighborhood before she realizes he is alive. The Devil attempts to offer some sympathy for Stone, but can't quite muster up enough compassion. Determined, Stone reassures his "employer" that his next confrontation with Ash will be the last.
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