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WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers, so if you haven't read these episodes yet and you intend to, this is not a good place for you to be. If you've read the episodes already, or don't intend on reading them at all, then go right ahead.
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201. Hellbent
Written by Derek Saul

Inside a condemned church,
Ash and two other damned souls, Enok and Draku, who, in life, stood by her side as servants of Asherah, confront another damned soul, Horus, who is trying to renege on his deal with Ash. She feigns sympathy, then sends him back to Hell.

Meanwhile, ten days after the events in "Mourning After", Stone wakes up in an empty subway car, where the Devil tells him to snap out of his depression over Rosalyn and charges him with his next assignment -
Kyle Carver, a murderous drug dealer. Stone tracks him down and chases him into a nightclub called Heaven, where Carver ends up escaping again, but not before wounding a young girl named Cassandra. Carver to escapes but doesn't get very far before he's grabbed by Enok and returned to Hell for his incompetence.

Stone drops Cassandra off at a nearby hospital and returns to The Hotel Irondell, where he meets the new desk clerk, Samantha, a spunky young aspiring singer/songwriter who landed the job at the hotel when former desk clerk and good friend Maxine decided to abandon civilization and travel to Tibet to inspire her writing.

As Stone continues his investigation at Club Heaven, he crosses paths with a helpful but enigmatic detective called Lukas.

At the hospital, Cassandra turns violent and attacks her doctor, running off and tracking down Stone to thank him for saving her. She leads him to her apartment, where Ash, Enok, and Draku are waiting in ambush. Stone realizes that Cassandra has been working for Ash all along, but before they can dispose of him, Lukas shows up and shoots Draku in the eyes, sending him back. Fighting erupts, and Stone and Lukas wind up teaming up to send Enok back to Hell as well. They seek refuge in the condemned church, where Lukas reveals himself to Stone as being an angel, commissioned by God to hunt down rogue angels - like Cassandra - who are siding with Ash and furthering her war on God. Ash and Cassandra attack them in the church, where Lukas battles Cassandra and succeeds, destroying her eyes and sending her to Hell. Ash professes her feelings again for Stone, admitting that one day she won't be strong enough to stop herself from sending him back.

Stone tells a furious Devil that Ash is too powerful to stop, but the Devil believes Stone's reluctance to kill Ash stems from his unresolved feelings for her. Alone on a rooftop, Stone looks at a picture of Rosalyn and pleads to God for help.

202. An Army of One
Written by Joel Rauch

After leaving a bar near an army base, three off-duty soldiers are killed by a damned soul -
Zhang Fei, an ancient Chinese warrior. Ezekiel Stone follows the clues, searching for a motive. He recruits the help of Nina Chow, who tells him that Zhang Fei was murdered in his sleep by the men he commanded. After a visit to the army base reveals that dozens of soldiers have gone missing since the escape, he returns to the Hotel Irondell. The desk clerk, Samantha, helps him duck the police, and gives him a message Nina left for him - Zhang Feiís address. Stone goes to the apartment where Zhang Fei now lives, only to find that Nina Chow is being held prisoner. Zhang Fei claims that he was a good man who was changed by his time in Hell, and during the struggle he stabs Nina Chow. Stone manages to send him back to Hell, but as Nina dies in his arms, he swears not to get in touch with Rosalyn until it is safe for her.

Meanwhile, Rosalyn meets with her friend Alice and confesses that she believes Zeke is nearby, that she has felt his presence. She writes him a letter, and posts the envelope on her door, so that if he comes by he will know that she still loves him. Rosalyn swears that she will find Zeke again.

203. Hotel California

Written by Phil Gee

The sleepy little village of Newtown, CA holds more secrets then it should. In 1981, Stone and Rosalyn spent some time passing through this small town on a lazy, wandering vacation up and down the West Coast. Stone is retracing their path, and has discovered Newtown's other secret; a damned soul by the name of
Charlie Hart has been burning local businesses and terrorizing the tiny population. It doesn't take Stone long to cross paths with Hart. However, it turns out that Stone had arrested Hart several times before when they were both mortals, living in NYC. In Stone's mind, Hart should be alive and well serving 25 years in upstate New York, so he doesn't realize that Hart is a damned soul.

Stone hooks up with the town Sheriff - Salvatore Valis - and tells him of his past history with Hart. When Valis searches the New York database for incarcerated prisoners, he discovers that Hart died in a riot in 1987. What's more, Valis had been a cop in NYC in 1983, and recalls Stone being killed in the line of duty. Taking a desperate gamble, Stone informs Valis of his mission to return the damned to Hell. Valis and Stone team up and take out Hart in a blazing shootout. After the fireworks die down, Stone departs Newtown and heads back to L.A., but not before getting a parting gift from Valis, who happens to be a big John Woo fan.

204. May 19th, 1999

Written by Joel Rauch

May 19th, 1999 was the day Star Wars: Episode I was released. The story is told as a series of events covering the entire 24 hour period.

Ezekiel Stone makes plans to attend Star Wars with Samantha and her band. Itís the same theater that was burned the night before, so he suspects the work of a damned soul. He meets Thurston Bristol, the judge from 'Faces', and his granddaughter at the theater, where they are spotted by a family of damned souls.
Gus ĎRustyí Chaine recognizes the judge who sent him to jail, and plots revenge, much to the annoyance of his mother, Mary Chaine. After the movie, Stone stops Rustyís attack on Thurston Bristol in the parking lot, and flexes his hellish powers to send back another escapee. Mary Chaine sees her son returned to Hell, and swears revenge. Alone in bed at midnight, Stone misses Rosalyn, wondering where she is.

Rosalyn is still plagued by nightmares of the man in the devil mask who raped her. As the new movie is released, Roz recalls when she and Zeke attended the earlier films. Dan Copper, another teacher at her school, has similar happy memories with his deceased wife. The two attend The Phantom Menace together, beginning a friendship forged in loss. At home that night, Rosalyn tries to call NYPD for more information about her husband, and she is intrigued by the information she receives.

205. Sin City
Written by Joel Rauch

Ezekiel Stone follows
Nick Greene to a cheap hotel, and sends him back to Hell. The phone rings, and itís Ash, wanting to reminisce about the first time they met.

On his trip from New York City to Los Angeles, Ezekiel Stone stopped in Las Vegas for a few days. He ran into a young policewoman there for a convention, Detective Sergeant Delilah Ash. After playing some cards and a few drinks, Ash wanted to get to know Stone better, but since his wife was waiting in Los Angeles, Stone declined. The Devil showed up the next day, taunting Stone for thinking he could keep his winnings, reminding him that he starts each day with only $36.27. His clues led Stone to Nick Greene, but during a chase Ash helped Nick escape. Stone continued on to L.A. alone.

On the telephone, Ash professes her love for Stone, and tells him what her goals are - she wants him by her side, and to have his child, because a baby born from two damned souls could prove decisive in her war against God. After she hangs up, Stone walks away pensive, unaware that Ash and her minions have had him surrounded the whole time.

206. Vigilante
Written by Derek Saul

A meeting of organized criminals turns into a slaughter when a black-clad intruder with a black mask crashes the party and mows down every last one of them. But there is method to the madness; the masked killer was after the head of the meeting, a biker lowlife named
Cutter, and knew exactly where to shoot him too - in the eyes. Stone investigates, crossing paths once again with Detective Fraker and his new partner, a young cop called Detective Harlowe. Fraker, as always, is none too pleased with Stone prying into police matters, but Harlowe takes an immediate liking to him.

The investigation leads Stone right into the heart of L.A.'s gang wars, which garners the attention of a fierce street gang known as El Diablos. Stone's clues lead him to the apartment of Spooky, an older member of the gang who managed to escape the bloodbath, where he also finds the gang's former leader, a psychopathic crackhead named
Rocco. They fight, and Stone discovers that Rocco is actually a damned soul. The masked killer shows up again and shoots Rocco in the eyes, sending him back to Hell before escaping.  Stone brings Spooky in for questioning.

Harlowe interrogates Spooky, who divulges the name of a possible suspect, a dead cop named Adam Killion, prompting Fraker to recount to Stone the whole story behind the Columbus Day Massacre in 1975, when SWAT team cop Killion murdered Jason Novak, a dirty cop suspected of dealing with El Diablos and of ordering a hit on Killion and his family, which ended in the deaths of Killion's wife and child. Spooky is released, and later that night on the street Harlowe confronts him, morphing his body and revealing himself to actually be
Jason Novak.

They arrange a meeting with Stone in an abandoned warehouse, using Spooky as bait, but the masked killer once again shows up first, determined to kill Spooky, who, along with Rocco, Cutter, and another gang member named
Welland, carried out the hit on Killion's family. But before the masked killer can execute him, Welland emerges from hiding and shoots the masked killer in one eye, unleashing the familiar blue flames. Stone shoots Welland's eyes, sending him back. Stone and the masked killer face off, the killer finally revealing himself as Adam Killion. Killion tells Stone that they are not all that different - they both want justice. Killion tries to convince Stone that killing Novak would benefit the both of them, revealing that Novak is actually Ash's second-in-command, the one who taught her everything about modern police work, and who in turn was taught the "powers of Hell" by Ash. Stone agrees, but says he'll be the one to do it, not Killion. Stone and Killion fight, and with help from Spooky, Stone sends Killion back to Hell, but not before fatally wounding Spooky. Stone thanks him before he dies.

Afterward, Stone finally attends a show by Samantha's band, Lost Souls, at the Babylon rock club, where the Devil shows up as a record company talent scout, and tries to coax Sam into joining his "record label", but Stone knows better. Rosalyn, meanwhile, visits with Father Horn, trying to seek guidance, unbeknownst that the blind priest has a special rapport with Stone.

207. In a Lonely Place - PART I
Written by Joel Rauch

Thurston Bristol meets with Ezekiel Stone, and tells him there are unanswered questions about the attempt on his life that Ezekiel stopped on May 19th. Stone decides to keep his secret, not wanting to put him at risk with knowledge of the escaped souls.

A pirate has been striking small ships on the California coast. Ezekiel Stone heads out to sea with a woman he rescued from them, Cybil Rotaiva, and a man who is an acquaintance of Father Horn, Apollo Law. When they find the ship, the pirates are captured, and the other women prisoners are saved. Once the pirate ship is clear, Stone and the captain, a Yankee soldier named
Ellsworth Trace, fight it out on deck, with Stone using his recently developed powers to ignite dynamite that destroys the ship and returns another damned soul. Unfortunately, in the aftermath, Apollo Law reveals his true nature as one of the damned, leaving Stone drifting in the Pacific, alone except for the lifeless bodies of the people he was trying to save.

Meanwhile, Rosalyn Stone plans to return home to New York for a vacation, searching for more clues about her husband. Dan Copper asks her for a date, but she is undecided.

208. Unchained Memories - PART II

Written by Joel Rauch

Alone and adrift in the Pacific Ocean by the damned soul
Apollo Law, Ezekiel Stone asks the Devil for help, but with no luck. To pass this test, he swims for a day and a half until he reaches shore. Back at the Hotel Irondell, he is charged with the murder of Cybil Rotaiva, and Thurston Bristol comes to get him out. He joins the Bristols for Sunday dinner, promising to tell Thurston everything, but their meal is interrupted by the damned soul Apollo Law. Stone now realizes that Apollo Law is someone that he met before - theater manager Mary Chaine, who wants revenge on both Ezekiel and Thurston. She knifes Thurstonís son and runs off unharmed, a death which Thurston blames Ezekiel for. He chooses to end their friendship, refusing to hear Ezekielís story.

Rosalyn Stone returns to New York for the first time since she left. She visits the man convicted of killing Ezekiel, Thomas Logan, who admits shooting the detective. She stays with her mother, Susan King, and visits with their long time neighbors, the Millers. After seeing Emily Miller, who was just a baby when she moved away, Roz realizes how much time has passed, and decides she will accept a date with Dan Copper when she returns to Los Angeles. She also receives a call from an NYPD Detective, William Kane . . .

209. Angel Dust
Written by Derek Saul

Four college kids on their way to a party are challenged to a drag race by a pair of dangerous-looking young guys called Seth and Isaak. One of the college kids, a girl named Tara, doesn't like this, and decides not to take part, stepping out of the car. The race turns deadly when both cars collide and explode, killing the college kids, but Tara, watching in horror, sees something impossible - Seth and Isaak emerge from the wreckage unscathed.

Stone, meanwhile, attends the funeral of Alvin Bristol, mourning from a distance, where the Devil shows up and kicks him while he's down. Stone begins to show signs of cracking under pressure, admitting that Ash may have the right idea by waging war on God and bringing about change. The Devil reminds him that his job is to track down the damned souls, not to involve himself with the affairs of the living and put them in harm's way.

In New York City, Roz meets with Detective Kane, hoping to find more information about Zeke's death, but she's only met with more skepticism and grief, not knowing that Kane is only trying to protect her from danger.

Back in L.A., when Sam takes note of Stone's pouty mood, she decides to cheer him up by taking him to Babylon, where they meet Sam's friend, Tara, who apprises them of the drag racing incident. Intrigued, Stone investigates, leading him into the middle of a hunt-down operation being conducted by a team of shifty angels, led by Lukas. Lukas informs him that their target is
Isaak, an extremely powerful angel who may be able to shatter the gates of Heaven and let Ash through. Isaak has also paired up with Stone's target, a damned soul named Seth Walker, a drag racing daredevil from the 60s. Stone joins the team of angels, much to the chagrin of one of the angels, Khris.

Lukas also finally reveals who he really is - a Grigori who fell from grace at the beginning of time when he took on earthly temptations and forsook his heavenly duty to watch over humanity. He'd been imprisoned in Tartarus, a dark corner of Heaven, for eons before God finally sought him out with a way to redeem his sins - by returning to Earth and hunting down the rogue angels who are planning a new rebellion against God.

The team tracks down Isaak and Seth to a goth club, where a massive supernatural battle ensues. Isaak manages to send two of Lukas's angels into eternal purgatory before Lukas finally puts out his eyes and sends Isaak to Hell. Stone manages to chase Seth down through the streets, finally shooting out Seth's eyes in a spectacular fireball explosion. Stone and Lukas part ways again, and Lukas assures him that they'll meet again sooner than he thinks.

210. This Mortal Coil
Written by Phil Gee

Running after a damned soul named
"Mad Dog" Roy Earle leads Stone and his prey into a back alley. Cornered, Earle turns and begins to fight Stone in a dire attempt to save his neck. When Earle's soul escapes his body, it passes through Stone, hurling him roughly against the alley wall. The power of Earle's life force causes Stone's latent ability to "see" damned souls to go into overdrive, and he accidentally kills a mortal named Magdalene Regal - mistaking her for a damned soul. She is a Russian immigrant, having made a living as a stripper and hooker since she was twelve.

Stone is whisked away to a region of being somewhere between Heaven, Hell, and Earth, and is met by the Devil and Lukas. It is determined that Stone is to be tried and judged for taking a mortal's life without cause. The Devil is his protector, and Lukas must bring the charges against him. To make matters worse, Rosalyn's spiritual essence is embodied, and she presides over the trial.

Lukas desperately wants no part of this, but hasn't a choice. He makes a very convincing case against Stone, listing Stone's actions as a mortal - especially the killing of
Gilbert Jax. The Devil, who has been bound to tell the truth, ultimately calls upon Martin Benedict to convince Rosalyn that the killing of Magdalene was a terrible accident due to unforeseen circumstances. Rosalyn decides that in the end, Magdalene was taken before her designated time of death, and must be returned to her mortal existance; given the chance to live her life to its fateful end. Rosalyn also orders Stone to oversee Magdalene's continued mortal life, and offer her guidance and advice in an attempt to put her back on the right track.

211. Reassurance  - PART I

Written by Joel Rauch

The Devilís clue leads Ezekiel Stone to a nursing home, where the damned soul,
William Wilson, is a senile old man. Dispatching him depresses Stone, and Samantha reassures him back at the Hotel Irondell, in an embrace that leads to a kiss. In his room, Ezekiel finds a cross with a crucified damned soul in such pain that she begs to be returned to Hell. It is Mary Chaine, and Stone obliges. He also finds a card from Ash, wishing him a happy deathday.

Rosalyn Stone is missing Zeke on the sixteenth anniversary of his death. She meets Gina Brayker at a Blue Survivors meeting, and Gina leads her to Father Hornís church. Father Horn is able to give them his address before tragedy strikes.

Ezekiel finds an underground fight club, and sends back one of the fighters,
Paul Robertson. This is the cue for the others to come out and play, six inside the club, and six waiting outside. After destroying the eyes of one of the other men, Mike Michaels, he fights with the leader, North Ratare, managing a stalemate until the commander herself shows up - Ashur Badaktu. They go for a ride in her limo, driven by Luke Choi, and she makes him an offer - join her and father her child, one who would prove advantageous in her war against God. The limo halts in front of Father Hornís church. Stone has no idea that his wife is inside, and when he refuses to join Ash, she blows up the church . . .

212. Remembrance - PART II
Written by Joel Rauch

Ezekiel Stone has just seen Father Hornís parish explode - and he doesnít know that his wife was there. Across the street, Ash confesses to Ezekiel that it was a trick, everyone got out safely, she only wanted to destroy the building. Stone returns to the Hotel Irondell, where Samanthaís shift is just ending. They go out for a quick bite, and then return to her apartment. Stone realizes that he does care for her, and they spend the night together. The next night, however, Detective William Kane calls him from New York City. His old C.O., Enzo DíAmato, has been murdered, and it looks like the work of one of the damned souls.

Rosalyn Stone, after escaping the explosion at the church, visits the hotel where Zeke lives. After seeing her husband with another woman, Roz goes to the house of Dan Copper, and spends the night with him. When Dan tells her that he loves her in the morning, Roz lies and says sheís in love with him also.

Ezekiel Stone returns to New York City, where he and Kane track down Enzo DíAmatoís killer, along with Enzoís only child, Detective Sophia DíAmato. Stone and Kane send
Lisa Kay Napoli back to Hell, but Sophia doesnít believe Stoneís story. Only after he tells a personal story about his time with her father does she believe who he is. Stone tells Kane New York is home, and heíll be around for a little while.

213. The Shatterer of Worlds

Written by Derek Saul

Marcus Atom
, a quiet but eccentric-looking man who wears black gloves at all times, tries to get his driver's license renewed at the local DMV. Things start to get a little weird when he removes one of his gloves and picks up a pen to fill out a form. When he leaves the building and the clerk picks up that same pen, the building suddenly blows up, drawing the attention of Stone.

Detective Kane, who is also working the case, fills him in - this is the third government building that has gone up in flames in the past few months, all of them linked by one bizarre discovery - traces of a molten residue known as trinitite, generally found at the sites of nuclear blasts.

Jason Novak makes way for the arrival of Ash and her followers to New York City. Stone, on the other hand, meets the new desk clerk at the Hotel Mezzanine, Alexandra Gray, a 28-year-old Asian-American Criminal Law student at NYU working at the hotel to support herself and her studies.

When more clues lead Stone and Kane to Atom's apartment, Stone arrives there first to find Novak after Atom as well. Stone and Novak face off, and Novak returns to Ash fuming at Stone's meddling in their affairs, arguing that he should've been liquidated long ago. But it's clear Ash's feelings for Stone are still strong, which only serves to widen the distance between Ash and Novak.

Back in Los Angeles, Rosalyn and Dan decide to get married as part of a mass wedding ceremony in Dodger Stadium on New Year's Eve, and when Stone gets wind of this through a local New York news report, his excitement for the coming millennium sours, leaving him emotionally weak and vulnerable.

Meanwhile, seeing as how Novak's use of force failed to acquire Atom, Ash decides to use seduction to gain his trust, dispatching one of her followers,
Elizabeth Darke, to seduce him into joining Ash.

Ash manages to get Stone to meet with her in the Edison Hotel, overlooking Times Square, on New Year's Eve, where to his horror, Stone finds Kane lashed to a cross. Novak attacks him, but Ash shows up and sends Novak back to Hell, trying to prove to Stone that she would do whatever it takes to make him happy. Atom then shows up as well, revealing that he was one of the scientists of the Manhattan Project involved in the creation of the atomic bomb. His newly acquired Hell-power allows him to make a nuclear detonator out of anything he puts his fingertips to, which will be ignited when that tainted thing is touched by another living creature.  Kane has been touched, turned into a human bomb. Ash finally reveals her plan - to create enough mass destruction in Times Square to throw the afterlife into chaos and allow her to orchestrate another breakout of damned souls from Hell. Ash tells Stone that he can prevent this, if he chooses to join her and father their godchild, adding that with Roz thousands of miles away and preparing to marry, he has nothing to live for, and nothing to fight for. His mission on Earth has been rendered futile. Stone's weakness and vulnerability takes hold, finally giving in to Ash, accepting her offer to be the father.
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