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When Ash's eyes were destroyed, the remaining damned shared her one way ticket to Hell.  These are the stories of the...
Last Day
Paul Sorvino
Claudio Baritone (1867-1922)
Written by Greg Lemieux
Claudio was born into the Baritone family in Sicily, a winemaker with inferior stock. They stayed in business through extortion, intimidation, bribery and any other means necessary. Claudio eventually emerged as the head of the family as the older Baritones died out, although the death of his brother Vito, the previous Don, was rumored to be his doing.

Percival Versione, a Sicilian writer anxious to make a name for himself, researched the family thoroughly and then wrote a novel with thinly-disguised stories of their exploits. The book had an unexpected result; people were fascinated by these mobsters. Rather than trying to put a stop to them, they wanted to read more. The author actually made a deal with the Baritone clan to provide him with further stories, then published those tales of their exploits taking care to disguise enough details so the family could never be prosecuted. People bought the stories in droves, and soon dinner conversations and private meetings were filled with predictions on which family member or enemy would be killed off next. Meanwhile, the Baritones enjoyed a new-found popularity and Claudio developed feelings of invincibility.

Then late one night, Claudio spied a pair of eyes peeking through a window in his home. “Nobody spies on Claudio Baritone,”he proclaimed and shot the intruder between the eyes. It turned out to be the 12-year old son of Percy Versione, who was just trying to get a glimpse of these people his father and everyone else found so fascinating. Outraged, Percival gathered up the townspeople who swarmed to the winery en masse, burning everything they saw and wiping out every last Baritone they could find – including Claudio.

After the escape from Hell, Claudio sought out some Pay TV cable  producers and pitched a series which was a modern day version of a mobster family. Using his hellpowers, he put a spell on the show that made critics slobber over it and compelled viewers to watch it. Thus, though the show glorified crime and criminals it still became a hit. Even after Claudio was sucked back to Hell, the Devil, amused by the whole situation, let the spell on the show stay in place. And there it lingers to this very day.