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When Ash's eyes were destroyed, the remaining damned shared her one way ticket to Hell.  These are the stories of the...
Last Day
Nicholas Cage
Felix Crandall (1740-1788)
Written by Joel Rauch
"Come out with your hands up!"

Felix Crandall stalked to the front window of the bank, grinning fiercely.  He wore no disguise, or made any effort to block the security cameras.  The people who would recognize him were hundreds of years in the past, and a half world away; he feared nothing in the new world.

A dozen police cars lined up down the block, lights flashing.  "You'll never take me alive!" Felix screamed.  It was true, of course.  "Lousy cops!"

He'd been on a crime spree for the last few months, knocking over banks, gas stations, bars, convenience store, and just generally anything that caught his fancy.  When the body count got into double digits, a task force was put together to stop him.  They'd already been nearby, ready to swoop in as soon as he was spotted in the bank.

Felix feared nothing.  He grabbed the duffle bag of cash and headed for the back door, ready to kill anyone waiting for him.  This would be his last job for a while, he decided.  Better to let the heat die down.

He was halfway to the door when his eyes exploded.  The cameras recorded his screams, but his decent into Hell was not caught on film.  The police believed he had escaped once more, although he had left the money behind.

The task force folded eight months later, never finding any leads.  Several officers continued to search for Felix Crandall over the course of their careers, but of course, no one was successful.  Along with others like D. B. Cooper, Felix was remembered as one of the greatest criminals never brought to justice.

If only they knew.