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When Ash's eyes were destroyed, the remaining damned shared her one way ticket to Hell.  These are the stories of the...
Last Day
Richard Breen
Roscoe Keene (1968-1994)
Written by Josh Brunken
Roscoe Keene was born on August 16, 1968 in Orlando, Florida and grew up in Southern Florida and in his late teens and into his 20's was the cleanup man/hitman for 2 international drug traffickers known as the Zamora Brothers and was real good at his job and killed anyone the Zamora Brothers wanted dead without a second thought going through his head.

One day in December of 1993, Roscoe Keene got into a fight outside a cafe with a guy that he had never met before, a Columbian named Rollie Sandborne who turned out to be a drug courier friend of the Zamora Brothers, and Keene killed him in the fight without hesitation.

When word got around what Keene did to Sandborne the Zamora Brothers put a hit out claiming Keene was a loose cannon though he was just defending himself in the fight and in February 1994 when Keene tried to get on the boat he owned and head for Bermuda and get away from the Zamora Brothers, he was ambushed on his yacht and shot to death by 4 associates of the Zamora Brothers. He had nearly 7 grand on him at the time and died with it in his jacket pockets.

After the jailbreak, Keene eventually got to Las Vegas and since he had nearly 7 grand in his pockets that reappeared each morning, he was able to party and do whatever he wanted and not have to work for his money.

By the time Ezekiel Stone sent Sally Ann McGee back to hell, Keene had become a instant celebrity on the party scene in Las Vegas and lived in a luxury suite at the Venetian Hotel; he even used his hell powers to help him cheat at casino games so he could keep on partying and impressing women and in one case won over 50 thousand dollars playing a game of Craps.

On August 30, 2000, he is in his hotel room about to head to a big party that night filled with pretty women and celebrities when all of a sudden his eyes explode and though a few people in the hotel hear his screams, no one sees him being sucked back to hell.

The next morning a maid finds a lot of money in Keene's room and since Keene was "missing" she decides take some of it to pay for her dying mother's heart transplant.

The maid also complains to the hotel manager, who happens to be a distant relative of hers, about a burn stain in the floor of Keene's hotel room, for some unknown reason she can't get rid of it. The hotel manager finds more money in Keene's room and decides to use it to have the room be recarpeted.