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When Ash's eyes were destroyed, the remaining damned shared her one way ticket to Hell.  These are the stories of the...
Last Day
Sarah Mattern (1898-1922)
Written by Josh Brunken
24 Year Old Sarah Mattern was enjoying her new life and her new finace and after spending 76 years in hell,she felt everything was a-okay.
The 5'9 Brunette was wanting to propose to her boyfriend Mark Wilkinson but if only she could get Wilkinson's ex-girlfriend and good friend Ashley Ondracek (a beautiful raven haired  5'9 looking girl) out of Wilkinson's life for good cause it turns out Ashley wants to be Mark's girlfriend once again and also is very suspicious of Sarah considering one time when Sarah was asked about her past by Ashley,Sarah just got angry and cussed out Ashley and told her if she wanted to keep on living,she wont ask her personal questions again.
Sarah Mattern wasnt exactly girlfriend material when she was alive either. Sarah was born March 21 1898 in Chicago to a middle class family and was the youngest of 3 sisters and 1 brother  and was a person determined to get what she wants no matter what in life.
In May 1921 at age 23,she met Ryan Ostby a smart kind-hearted gentleman who loved her dearly, but Ryan left her when it became evident that Sarah Mattern became delusional and convinced in her own mind that Ryan was cheating on her with a female friend of his named Cara Unstad. Ryan tried explaining what was going out to Sarah but she accused him of being a liar and that is when Ryan left her.

Actually It turns out Ryan was helping Cara get away from her abusive fiance at the time Sarah suspected the two of being lovers and one cold winter night in night when Sarah saw them together,she in a fit of rage stabbed both Ryan and Cara to death.

Sarah was wanted by the police for killing Ryan and Cara but her run from the law would be short lived when she was accidently killed by gangsters when a bullet meant for the mobsters victim hit her instead. And because she killed in cold blood Ryan and Cara in cold blood she went to hell for her crimes until in 1998 when she escaped with Ash and 111 other damned souls.

PRESENT DAY in New York City:

(Sarah we see looks very angry and Sarah sounding angry says)
"I am going kill that girl cause no one takes away my man and I will
not allow myself to be cheated of out true love a second time".
Sarah carrying a large knife in her hand is walking towards Ondracek's apartment in a fairly decent looking apartment complete  with 4 floors and a elevator and at least 20 apratments in the building  as we see when all of a sudden Sarah's eyes exploded and is screaming loudly as she is sucked down into hell real fast leaving just the knife she had in her hands behind lodged into  the apartment building's 3rd floor carpet

Strangely enough Ashley wasnt home at the time and Mark was in Boston visting a his mother at their family's yearly reunion.

Ashley and Mark did by the way get back together as a couple several months after Sarah "vanished" and ended up getting married 6 years later and had 3 kids.