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When Ash's eyes were destroyed, the remaining damned shared her one way ticket to Hell.  These are the stories of the...
Last Day
Elisha Cuthbert
Coral Parthenia (1821-1857)
Written by Joel Rauch
"Honey, we need to talk."

Coral Parthenia sat down next to her husband on the couch.  Orville looked surprised at her serious nature; her usual demeanor was very easy going.  "Of course.  What's on your mind?" he asked, folding his newspaper and placing in neatly on the end table.

"There are some things I'd like to tell you about my past.  It's very important.  I told you I grew up in England, but I didn't tell you when.  I was born in 1821."

Orville smiled.  "You're saying you're 179 years old?"  He was an accountant, and quick with numbers.  "You don't look a day over 145."

"Thanks, but I'd better look 36.  That's how old I was when I died."  For once, he didn't make a joke, only waited.  "When I was a girl, I liked to set fires.  The flames awed me; I loved to feed them and watch them grow.  There was a bully who always picked on me, Heath Sanborne.  One Sunday, just before church, he pushed me into a mud puddle.  I had to sit through the service, my best dress covered in mud."

"I'm sorry, dear."

She continued, "That night I burned his house down.  He got out, but his baby brother didn't.  I'd killed him.  And when I died, I was damned for that sin.  I spent 141 years in Hell, before I escaped with some others, and came back to earth.  These have been the happiest years of my life, Orville, I'm so happy I met you.  But I couldn't stand to keep it a secret anymore."

"So, you're a ghost?

"Something like that, but I have powers."  She pointed to a candle on the table.  "Watch."

At that moment, her eyes exploded.  Her husband watched dutiful as she screamed and descended through their couch.  He waited, but she never came back.  He filed a missing persons report, and eventually remarried.

Orville threw away the couch.  No matter how much he cleaned it, there was always the smell of brimstone.