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When Ash's eyes were destroyed, the remaining damned shared her one way ticket to Hell.  These are the stories of the...
Last Day
Maria Jose Rodriguez (1933 - 1985)
Marimar del Rosa (1964-1992)
Maria Jose Rodriguez (Played by Raquel Welch)
Marimar del Rosa (Played by Paty Navidad)
Written by Phil Gee
The Last Day of Maria Jose and Marimar

The bedroom door kicked in with a powerful thud. SLAM! It crashed against the wall, splintering off its hinges.

“Get off of her…” a low female voice rumbled.

The Mexican man looked up in anger, upset that his time was interrupted.  “I’m not finished yet…” he started. Then the long barrel of a six inch Smith shut him up.

Si, si…I’m going, amiga.”

He scrambled out of bed, gathered his dirty clothes, and beat a path to the cantina below.

The intruder walked slowly to the foot of the bed, disgust clearly evident on her face. “You make me sick.”

With a laugh, the woman in bed sat up on her elbows. “So what else is new,
hija?” Without regard for the gun being pointed at her, the woman got up and began to search for her clothing.

“Don’t bother getting dressed.”

She continued to look for her clothes. “I wondered if you’d come after me like before.” She found her skirt, slipped it up over her hips. It was a tight fit.

“After sending you to Hell once, you think I was going to let you run free? You’re going back to the damnation you deserve.”

“You damned yourself as well, Marimar.”

Marimar let out a gruff laugh. “You know, your name always made me cry.”


“Maria Jose. The mother and father. All that I held holy, your name made a mockery of.”

Maria Jose shrugged. “Such is life,

“And such is death.” She raised the revolver to eye level, took aim.

“You know you killed me in cold blood,” Maria Jose spat out. “I had left you alone a long time before.”

“A damned soul has no blood, mother.”

Marimar cocked the hammer back, squeezed the trigger.

A look of sorrow crossed Maria Jose’s face. “
Hija mia, please, don’t do this to me again.” She took a step towards her daughter.

BLAM! BLAM! Two quick shots rang out.

And Maria Jose was sucked back to Hell.

Marimar let the gun drop to the floor. She staggered to the bed, collapsed on the sagging mattress.

It was over. Her abusive mother finally back in Hell where she belonged.

Marimar looked to the ceiling. “Dear God in Heaven, I know I have sinned, but I ask you once again to please…” she stopped short. A terrible sensation swept over her. Slowly at first. Then, building with intensity. All too late, she realized what it was.

“NO! Not now! Please…”

Marimar vanished, returned to Hell to spend eternity beside her mother Maria Jose.