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The first season of Brimstone aired on FOX TV.  Transcripts for several episodes are available below, and episode summaries can be found on the Episode Guide page.
101. Pilot
Written by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris
New York Detective Ezekiel Stone returns from Hell to track down 113 escaped souls, a deal he made with the Devil for a second chance on Earth. The first is a priest who's kidnapping altar boys in order to fulfill a biblical prophecy. (10/23/98) 
Text Version

102. Encore
Written by Scott A. Williams
During an intense heat wave, Stone investigates a series of rapes, and makes a startling discovery as to the escaped soul's identity. (11/6/98) 
Text Version

103. Poem
Written by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris
Stone has to capture an ancient Chinese poet who is killing young immigrant virgin women. (11/20/98)

104. Heat
Written by Janis Diamond
Stone hunts down a college student whose embrace burns her victims. She turns out to be a rape victim from the Medieval Age. (10/30/98)

105. Slayer
Story by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris
Teleplay by Angel Dean Lopez
After refusing to join forces with an ancient Carthaginian warrior, Stone races against time to save the lives of two women while being the primary suspect in the case he's investigating. (12/11/98) 
Text Version

106. Repentance
Written by Fred Golan
Stone has to stop "The Angel of Mercy," an old Dutch SS officer who has made himself the savior of the homeless. But is he really the one responsible for a wave of recent murders? (11/13/98)

107. Executioner
Story by Fred Golan
Teleplay by Scott A. Williams
Stone hunts down a soul who is taking justice into his own hands by electrocuting people who have slipped through the criminal justice system. (12/4/98)

108. Ashes
Written by Angel Dean Lopez
While drawing closer to Detective Ash, Stone hunts an arsonist who has been burning down places of worship. (12/18/98)

109. Lovers
Written by Chris Bertolet
Stone invokes a woman's wrath after he sends her lover back to Hell. (1/8/99)

110. Carrier
Written by Janis Diamond
Stone must send a damned soul infected with typhoid back to Hell before she unleashes a terrible plague. His mission is complicated after she infects him with her hellish disease. (1/15/99)

111. Faces
Written by Fred Golan
Stone befriends a young boy who may or may not be one of the escaped souls Stone is hunting. (1/29/99)

It's a Helluva Life
Written by Janis Diamond & Scott A. Williams
When Stone grows weary of chasing damned souls, the Devil catalogs his sins and an angel charts his future as a protector of innocent people. (2/5/99)
Deleted Scene / Alternate Ending Text Version

113. Mourning After
Story by Angel Dean Lopez
Teleplay by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris
When Stone follows his wife home, he discovers that she is dating again.  Will Stone reveal himself to her? (2/12/99)
Deleted Scene Text Version
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