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The second season of Brimstone was created by Derek Saul, with episodes written by Joel Rauch and Phil Gee.  Episode summaries can be found on the Episode Guide page.
201. Hellbent
Written by Derek Saul
Stone is put on the case of Kyle Carver, a small time drug dealer, but he soon discovers that Carver is simply a pawn in a much more sinister plan being orchestrated by Ash and her followers, a plan that may signal the beginning of an all out celestial war. (4/26/02)

202. An Army of One
Written by Joel Rauch
Stone faces Zhang Fei, an ancient warrior who is killing soldiers. Nina Chow helps him track down the damned soul. Rosalyn realizes that Zeke was involved in several incidents in her life last month. (5/3/02)

203. Hotel California
Written by Phil Gee
Stone decides to take a long weekend in Northern California, retracing the route he and Roz took on their first vacation together. As he relives the painful memories, he discovers that there's no rest for the weary while the Devil's work is undone. (6/7/02)

204. May 19, 1999
Written by Joel Rauch
When Star Wars: Episode I comes out, Roz and Zeke remember their history with the series. (6/28/02)

205. Sin City
Written by Joel Rauch
On his cross country trip from NYC to LA, Stone stopped in Las Vegas. At this oasis in the desert, he met a certain policewoman for the first time: Detective Ash. (7/12/02)

206. Vigilante
Written by Derek Saul
Someone is wiping out the scum of L.A. with brutal efficiency. But when one of the victims turns out to be an escapee from Hell, Stone discovers that this damned soul has only one agenda on his mind - vengeance against his murderers. Now it's a race against time for Stone to stop him before history viciously repeats itself. (7/26/02)

207. In a Lonely Place
Written by Joel Rauch
With the help of old and new friends, Ezekiel searches for a damned soul who is bringing terror to the high seas. (8/23/02)

208. Unchained Memories
Written by Joel Rauch
Roz returns home to New York, searching for clues about her lost husband. Ezekiel finds himself caught in a trap set for him by a powerful supernatural being. Can he escape before more innocent people die? (9/20/02)

209. Angel Dust
Written by Derek Saul
An investigation into a suspicious drag racing accident prompts Stone to join forces with a rebel band of angels, who are also after the same suspect. Roz, meanwhile, tries to find closure in New York City. (10/11/02)

210. This Mortal Coil
Written by Phil Gee
The unimaginable happens. While in pursuit of a damned soul, Stone accidentally kills a mortal. He is put on trial for his actions, and the entire future of his mission is at stake. Will the Devil have to replace Stone with another agent? Or will the Devil himself be removed from his throne because of Stone's error? (10/25/02)

211. Reassurance
Written by Joel Rauch
An underground fight club. No shirts. No shoes. Two men to a fight. Nothing in the rules says they have to be alive. (11/15/02)

212. Remembrance
Written by Joel Rauch
Stone returns to the city that never sleeps, all the while struggling to protect his personal life from Ash's army of damned souls. (12/6/02)

213. The Shatterer of Worlds
Written by Derek Saul
Ash reveals her sinister agenda and gathers her forces as Stone and Kane track down a damned soul with nuclear powers. (1/17/03)
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