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S E A S Ř N   T H R E E
The Third Season of Brimstone was written by Joel Rauch, Phil Gee, Greg Lemieux, and Robert Rand.  Episode summaries can be found on the Episode Guide page.
301. New Beginnings
Written by Joel Rauch
As the millennium nears, Stone stands at Ash's side and tries to gain greater insight into her plans for Times Square, while Kane attempts to tie up loose ends in his life as he comes to terms with his impending demise. (3/21/03)

302. Hell Gate - Part I
Written by Phil Gee
The General Slocum caught fire and sank in the East River in 1904. Now, members of her crew have returned to the Mortal world set on revenge. Stone is also confronted by a Damned Soul who claims to have a secret that will shorten his quest to track down the remaining escapees. If Stone will help her complete a task, she will share the secret with him. But what she asks may be impossible for Stone to do.  (5/23/03)

303.  Hell Gate - Part 2
Written by Phil Gee
Stone is caught between The Devil and his promise to help one of the Damned Souls. Compounding the situation: Stone must destroy an Immortal in order to make good his word. If he destroys the Immortal, he will receive information that could shorten his hunt for the escapees. The question is; how do you kill someone that cannot die? (6/20/03)

304.  A Friend in Need
by Greg Lemieux
Samantha, the desk clerk from the Hotel Irondell in Los Angeles, is on a visit to New York City when she needs help from Stone.  With the Devil frustrating his efforts, can he find her missing friend before time runs out? (7/04/03)

305.  Illusions
by Robert Rand
Stone faces Dimitri Savant, a Russian magician who died more than 400 years ago.  He has the power to blur the line between fantasy and reality.  Will Stone discover what is real before it is too late? (7/25/03)

306.  A Souvenir of London
by Phil Gee
Luskus Delph was the perfect Southern Gentleman; a respectful, upstanding member of his community. The model of Christian faith. However, he was damned for whipping one of his slaves to death. Delph walks the streets of New York, still convinced his actions were correct. Stone must track him down before he kills another person of color. (8/29/03)

307.  Dreams
by Greg Lemieux
Stone postpones his search for a bomber when he learns Rosalyn is in the hospital having surgery to save her baby. Can he find a way to be there for her? And how does this all relate to a kidnapping case 19 years earlier? (9/19/03)

308.  Wolf Day Afternoon
by Joel Rauch
With 7 members of her family dead in the last 2 years, Arden Corvina believes someone or something is stalking them.  What happened in the past to touch off this vendetta?  Meanwhile, North’s Dozen is leaving a trail of bodies with a series of bank robberies.  Stone will need help from many friends to put a swift end to the killing. (10/17/03)

309.  Pandora's Box
by Phil Gee
At long last, Stone finally catches up to the mysterious Pandora -- the Damned Soul that knows the location of all who escaped. Ash also sends Lizzy Darke on a quest, which ends up being more then she bargained for. (11/21/03)

by Greg Lemieux
In this movie-length episode, Ash receives a surprise visit from someone in her past, and learns that another escape from Hell will be possible.  Stone tracks down a Puritan who is killing those he believes to be witches, and a returned soul in Hell reminisces about the first escape.  (1/16/04) 

by Robert Rand
Ezekiel Stone, William Kane, and Sophia D’Amato visit the Ice Lake Resort in upstate New York, trying to find the common thread behind a series of murder suicides in the city.  Can they find those responsible before more die? (2/6/04)  

312. Broken Barricades
by Phil Gee
Lulu Castillo strikes a deal with Ash to be released from the bond between them. Ash is willing to set Lulu and Lizzy Darke free for a price; they must kill Rosalyn. (2/27/04) 
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313. Child of Fire
by Joel Rauch
Ash's delivery draws close, an event that could lead to the end of the world as we know it.  Can Stone and his allies stop her in time? (3/20/04)
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